This indie RPG project began in March 2014. The ANKUR role-playing game is currently in its Beta phase and is undergoing play tests and crowd funding at this time. Our mission is to publish a complete 200 page core rules book, in either paper back or hard bound as funds allow, containing everything necessary to play and host a game. Future supplements; a monstrous compendium, adventure modules, a card game and LARPing rules are planned and will be dependent upon further interest and support. We will be hosting ANKUR demos at Titan games/comics in Smyrna, GA. and also at various conventions in and around the Atlanta area throughout 2016.  






How is it played? And what sets it apart?


Get an overview of the world of ANKUR; its flora, fauna, history and politics.


ANKUR uses a "Caste" system in which all player characters are born and bred to perform the functions of a particular profession.


There are five Player character 

species to choose from in the game world of ANKUR.

our mission:

To self publish a new indie table top role-playing game combining a unique rules system with an equally unique sci-fi setting!


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